Who We Are

Khpal Kor is a Pashto word which means “your own home”. As we have chose the name we want to give you the same home feelings in every aspect from costumers service to our food taste.

Our food is prepared in Indian traditional way that has been practiced for centuries in South Asian Countries like Pakistani, India, Bangladesh, and the neighbouring countries. What makes this food different than other cuisines around the world is “Ground Spices”. In almost all our products we use natural raw materials, we do not have any synthesized product used in manufacturing. Our ground spices are made of leaves, roots, and fruits of different plants and trees that are commonly found in South Asia. That is the reason our food has certain health benefits. We are providing better taste and healthy products consistently.

Our Services

Khpal Kor restaurant was mainly established to create ease for Working class and Students, so they don’t have to worry about their food on daily bases. We provide a good environment at our restaurant which gives one feelings like home, that is the reason our restaurant is named “Khpal Kor” which means “Your Own Home”. We are constantly implementing innovative ideas to move towards perfection in customer touching points. We also have the goal to make our products available to customers at best prices possible.

Need Help ?

Call our support 24/7 at +36 300131513